Origins of Stress & Well-Being

Which is truer? That the world of our experience is fundamentally:

  1. Perceptual, or
  2. Conceptual?

Now ask yourself, “what is my subjective experience of blue?” (Not what it is similar to, exactly what it is.) Interestingly, all subjective experience, the perceptual, can never be expressed.

Most view the world only in one way –  transformed from its origin into conceptual representation. But, which is more truthful, the image below is a “duck,” a “rabbit,” or a percept with varying shades of gray.


Scientific evidence suggests that whereas the left brain processes concepts the right brain can process percepts. Because we can only understand concepts, information processing done by the right brain can’t be conciously known to us. But, we can see it’s results in our actions.

Because concepts can never come close to approximating what is perceived, stress and anxiety may originate from misconceptualizing a percept (what is) and then holding on to the erroneous view as if it’s true.

Well-being may simply arise when disinterest in conceptual views increases and life is lived more from the percept of what is — in untransformed reality.

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