Steven Pashko

SP crop color pic 2017

This site is dedicated to a sub-specialty area of my interests but it is not describe the full scope of my capabilities. The work described here involves my consulting, speaking, & educational workshops in the scientific areas of health outcomes research, CNS clinical trial research (especially about placebo response and subjective assessments/ PROs), mindfulness and the psychologies as they relate to well-being and creativity.

My interests in placebo responding guided me along a career track related to psychology and CNS pharmacology (drug research into mood and thought disorders).

I trained in cognitive psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, as well as mindfulness-based therapies for depression, anxiety and stress.

The QEEG taken of the patterns of my own mental activity scientifically shows that disinterest in ruminative thought produces a positive effect.

+ Psychologist: Licensee in PA since 1988

+ APA-approved postdoctoral: Re-specialization in clinical psychology & health evaluation research

+ NIH postdoctoral fellowship in alcohol abuse and alcoholism

+ 25 years of mindfulness/ meditation practice

(Completion of 50+ week-long, 4:30AM-10:00PM intensive retreats)

+ PhD in CNS Pharmacology

+ MA in Experimental Psychology

+ BA in Psychology and Biology

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