Steven Pashko

SP close zoom crop pic 2017

Interested in well-being, optimal performance and excellence in decision-making.

Work Experience


  • CEO & Chief Psychologist, Integrative Psychological Services, LLC
  • President & CSO, Steven Pashko, LLC


  • Executive at a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company
  • COO/ SVP for a multi-site clinical trials investigator company
  • Senior VP; VP, Scientific Affairs; & CNS Franchise Leader for  various multinational clinical research organizations

Formal Education and Training

  • Mindful attention practice
    • 25 years of meditation practice
      • Completed >50 week-long (4:30AM-10:00PM daily) intensive Zen retreats
    • 20 additional years of mindfulness practice
  • Employee assistance program internship
  • Psychologist: License in PA
  • APA-approved postdoctoral training: Clinical psychology & health evaluation research
    • Psychology internship
  • NIH postdoctoral fellowship: Clinical epidemiology of alcohol & drug abuse
  • PhD in CNS Pharmacology (Psychoactive drugs)
    • Minor in neuroscience
  • MA in Experimental psychology
  • BA in Psychology and biology

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