Services & Contact


Research Consulting to Pharma

  • Minimization and prediction of placebo response and “response shift” in clinical research
  • Patient-centricity (the view of the patient) for research studies
  • Subjective patient reports, PROs & QOL
  • Understanding cognitive biases and their influence on subjective responses
  • Use of the “two selves” theory of behavioral economics for the ascertainment and communication of product value for economic dossiers
  • Behavioral economic, clinical, observational, outcomes, PRO/ QOL, & real-world research (EMRs)
  • Clinical endpoints

Psychological & Mindful Attention Services

  • Continuing education for:
    • Psychologists,
    • Psychiatrists
    • Mental health therapists
    • Mindfulness trainers and coaches
  • Psychological counseling
  • Mindfulness program construction & good mindfulness practices (GMPs)
  • Speaking, workshops and writing about:
    • well-being
    • meditation & the process of mindful attention
    • the cause of the efficacy of all mindfulness-based practices
      • Conceptual deconstruction
      • Identity
      • Optimal decision-making
      • Ethics, bias & discrimination
    • Two Selves Theory (Self vs self)
    • Mindfulness vs. psychotherapy


Steven Pashko, PhD

Phoenixville, PA

Phone: +1-215-880-5169



For initial contact regarding the patent, please send an email.

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